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Everyone has a calling in life. Some know it immediately, and others discover it somewhere hidden along the way. My own unique journey led me to the pivotal moment of creating Inspire Agency Group.  


I grew up in a very small, tourist driven town in Wisconsin. Even at a very young age while growing up on a family run hotel, it was apparent that I was a born entrepreneur and business woman. There are countless stories of me greeting people the office to check them in and answering the phone faster than my parents to try to make a reservation. When not attempting to “close business,” you could find me on the playground asking kids how they were liking their stay.  


I attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison and graduated with a major in Marketing and minor in Spanish. Before moving to San Diego, I kicked off my career in Chicago, working for the some of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Here, I soon discovered my great passion for truly connecting with an audience. I had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands and marketing teams. ​ 


Looking for a lifestyle by the beach, I found myself in California and continued working in the industry. Now with over 12 years of experience, I long to amplify messages that truly connect to make the world a better place. This drive led to the establishment of Inspire Agency Group. Everyone that I represent has an incredible message to share. I work with each of my clients 1:1 to find the best strategy to reach the right audience. I am grateful to work with a group of individuals that have such a strong passion for what they do and it is an honor to help amplify their unique stories.



"I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about the speaking agent world before talking to Nicole! I have a few close friends who've been / are represented by different speaking agencies throughout the country, and when I'd pick their brain about the possibility of signing with an agent, their responses left a lot to be desired. And, then a friend connected me with Nicole!! After a couple of calls, I felt like Nicole had a clear idea of where I wanted to go, who I wanted to serve and how she could help. We started working together a few months ago and she's been extremely professional, prompt, organized, authentic and open. There's a warmth about her that I wasn't expecting - a realness; it's refreshing and energizing, and I'm so grateful we get to do this work together!!" 


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—  Samantha Livingstone

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