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Adri Miller-Heckman is an expert at helping financial professionals market to and engage women more effectively. Adri is a highly passionate and motivational coach and speaker who fully engages her audience and inspires advisors to market to the affluent woman, a goldmine of opportunity. Adri’s out of the box style combined with her personal and business experience adds tremendous credibility to her story and message. ​ 

Adri’s coaching career was preceded by an extensive and successful career in the field. As a financial advisor, she learned first-hand what it takes to build a thriving and sustainable practice targeting the women’s market. Adri’s more authentic approach and business building strategies coined her as one of the pioneers in the women’s market. As a result of her success she went on to become a national trainer for Smith Barney, and then Director of National Sales for Women and Co., a division of Citigroup.​ 

In addition to training thousands of financial advisors and professionals, Adri authored the book The Keys to the Ladies Room; A New Business Model for Financial Advisors which became the foundation for her live two day workshop helping advisors create and implement a more female focused marketing strategy.  Adri’s book Seminars for the Financial Advisor combined with her seminar “Savvy Women Invest on Purpose” has helped hundreds of financial professionals learn how to turn their seminar strategy into an effective business building tool to attract more clients of both genders.​ 

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