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Judy Gatena’s long history of proven business leadership started over 30 years ago after the birth of her son. She was a single parent living in public housing, getting by on welfare, and when he was born she was determined to turn her life around and was inspired to be a better person. When her son was 2, she took him to daycare at 5 AM every day during the week so that she could work a sales job at a printer ribbon company. To say that she had a drive to work hard and be his rock would be an understatement and at 23 years old, she was driven to become the company’s top sales person. 

Having several ideas on how to do things better, Judy went off and launched her own printer supplies company that thrived for over two decades. Now with two children, being her own boss allowed Judy to stay at home and fulfill her mission in life which was raising solid human beings. She had no idea how much they would change her life.  

In 2009 when her son was about to graduate from the University of Southern California, asked her, “Mom, do you have any ideas for a business that could fill a need in the market and that would be super fun?” She shared with him a spark of an idea that turned into her next company REP Interactive, a hybrid creative services agency and video production company. She became and continues to be the majority shareholder and CEO of REP Interactive. 

Judy shares her full road to success and coaches on how to make ideas and dreams become a reality. Her genuine presence, honesty, and lightheartedness connects with audiences and motivates action. 

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